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Poultry Fly
Guaranteed Live
Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to anything but flies
Shipments on a Bi-Weekly Basis


  • Do they work? Definitely. The live female parasite always finds fly larva if it is available and she always stings it and kills it and she lays eggs in that pupa for reproduction. We have numerous poultry facilities across the country successfully using these programs.
  • How well do they work? How well they work depends on having enough to meet the challenge of fly reproduction. Our recommend plans seem to work well but when in doubt always order more. In this situation you are at war with the flies and more is always better.
  • How many shipments do I need? Because of the excellent reproduction conditions in poultry facilities for the fly parasites we feel a minimum of 4 shipments, our Standard plan, should provide the seed stock to provide reproduced fly parasites that establish control in the facility. As we said, more is better and most of our farms choose the Super Knock Out plan with 5 shipments and 75% more parasites. Occasional farms will need reinforcements and some add bi-weekly reinforcement shipments. We can set those up for you.
  • Are they safe? Definitely. No warning label required. They self-liquidate and will not bother chickens, humans, plants or anything else other than fly larva.
  • Can they be used for organic farms? Yes and are being used in many such facilities.
  • Where do I disperse them and when? The medium in a poultry facility is usually quite warm and we recommend immediate release. If they are not hatched when you receive them they will hatch quite quickly in poultry manure. Disperse them broadly over all areas where the flies are being produced.
  • How many should we used and how often? Use our guidelines for amounts and start with weekly shipments. Remember we know you want to be aware of costs but more is always better.
  • How do I know they are working? The fly population keeps shrinking.
  • Can we use chemical spray on them? Until the parasites take over there will be a desire to spray. If the spray comes in contact with the parasites they will be eliminated.
  • How do I pay? You can pay by credit card but most of our farm accounts are invoiced and pay from the invoice due in 20 days.
  • If you have questios please call or email and one of our representatives will help you.