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Fly Parasites for Poultry

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That's the Goal

If you have a poultry facility that produces flies:

  • Start with a fly parasite Plan
  • Use the Cedar Fly Traps to catch flies on the grounds and to keep flies from the house or going to neighbors
  • Reduce or eliminate most flies in inside facilities or egg rooms with the Electronic Fly Zappers. They just keep zapping.

A Word About Fly Parasites and Poultry

Fly parasites are a beneficial insect that destroys fly larva at the pupa stage.

The reason this happens is that when the female fly parasite hatches, she must feed and reproduce. To do that she seeks out fly pupa (fly eggs) and stings them when she lays her eggs inside the pupa shell. This process kills the developing fly. She will sting several pupa. The eggs she has laid in the pupa will hatch and the new female fly parasite will begin the process over again thus enhancing the process of continuing fly control. The fly parasites will colonize and take control

If you have never used fly parasites, they are nature’s way of controlling flies. First discovered in poultry houses over 40 years ago, these beneficial insects only source of food and reproduction is fly pupa (fly eggs). They are tiny pinhead sized insects. The female fly parasite will sting fly pupa and also lay their eggs in the pupa. This process destroys the fly so it never emerges. Adding fly parasite periodically along with their ability to reproduce provides the control you need.

Why Fly Parasites Work So Well In Poultry Facilities

The fly parasites will immediately kill off developing flies but will also reproduce more parasites for continued control. Poultry facilities are usually self-contained so your shipments of fly parasites start to attack pupa immediately interrupting the fly cycle but they also lay eggs and in another 2 weeks you have the benefit of reproduction and additional parasites. Because of the controlled element few parasites are lost and they should take control.

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